What questions do you have?  Post them here and the appropriate technology department person will gladly answer!  This will allow others to benefit from the information as well.




Meet The Technology Department


Jill Wiram Director of Instructional Technology

Jill is the head of the technology department at SWPCS.  She oversees all purchasing, policies, and programs, communicates with IDOE and works with other technology coordinators accross the state of Indiana

Ben Porter Network & Technology Systems Manager

Ben is a certified internet security systems manager.  He monitors and maintains the school network and equipment.  He is also the Student Support Center supervisor.

Rachel PorterDigital Curriculum Integration Specialist

Rachel provides professional development and support for the staff of SWPCS.  She researches the best digital tools for education and assists the staff in their implementation.


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  1. I am trying to get the security code to create a parent account on the Achieve 3000 site. My name is Sarah Heller, my grandson’s name is Aterrious Swizenski, he is in the 7th grade at East Columbus Magnet Academy in Columbus, Georgia. Thank You in Advance for any help you may be able to give me, Sarah Heller


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