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Montezuma Library Summer Reading


The Montezuma Public Library is promoting summer reading with
weekly prize drawings for kids and teens!

June 11 – July 20

Art activities every Wednesday

Tuesday & Wednesday 12PM – 5PM
Thursday 2-8 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM


Preventing Summer Slide

4fe09d91e31c3.preview-620Ever hear of “summer slide”?  It’s a phenomena  that has been happening for …. well, forever.  It is the fact that student seem to lose a degree of their reading comprehension abilities, math skills and other content knowledge over the long summer break from school.  You can blame the scorch of the sun or the chlorine in the pool, or you can the research behind why it happens, but the real question is what are you going to do to stop it? 

The answer is pretty simple, really.  Keep your child using those skills.  Even just a few minutes a day with a book or in math practice will do the trick  – and this blog can help!  Check the resources section for posts about lots of different programs, many of which are FREE, that you can use at home to keep your child from losing the progress he or she has made over the last year.  The number one place I’d recommend starting is with the Achieve 3000 Summer Reading Contest.  All Southwest Parke students that just finished grades 3-12 already have accounts that will remain active through the summer months.

If your child isn’t too excited about the idea of continuing the work they were doing in school, make it more fun!  Go to the library and let him or her pick out some books.  No pressure, no test… just reading for the love of reading.  It will go a long way if you model that love of reading too, Mom and Dad!   Don’t forget math, either.  There are tons of great math gaming websites that will have your kid begging to practice math skills without even realizing it!

So… have a great summer full of family fun, but don’t forget to take a few minutes each day to keep those skills sharp.  You’ll be amazed at the difference when next school year starts.

Here are some articles to help you prevent academic loss in your son or daughter this summer!

How To Make Summer Reading Effective

10 Ways To Prevent Summer Slide

Stop Summer Academic Loss

  Don’t Fall Back:  Summer Literacy Acceleration

Achieve 3000’s Summer Reading Contest!

A3K13-0003_Summer40Contest(click to enlarge)


Imagine if your child started school next year a full reading level HIGHER than they are now, instead of the typical summer slide that takes them lower than they ended the previous school year.  It would make all the difference in the world.  Achieve 3000 has launched a Summer Reading Contest to help make this a reality for our kids.  At the very least, they will begin next year feeling successful and learning at a rate they may have never experienced before because their reading skills are better.  At most, they could have this and win an iPad mini!

During the week of May 20 I will be mailing home a letter about how to set up your Home Edition of Achieve 3000.  This will allow you as a parent to monitor your child’s progress and help them to be more successful, and you can use it all through the school year to watch their growth as well!  If you don’t receive your letter or misplace it at any point, please contact me.  I’ll be happy to get you the information you need.

Here are some resources to help you make this summer reading thing happen using Achieve 3000!

Video: How-To Search for Articles

Summer Reading Chart


Reading Comprehension

Achieve 3000 is a program designed to provide individualized practice for students in understanding of non-fiction text.  We have purchased this program (currently for grades 3-9) because research shows that students using it have seen significantly greater gains in reading skills over those who do not use it.  The program provides students with news articles from the Associated Press, customizing the content to a level that is “just right” for each individual.  Students benefit from the exposure to current event news while improving their reading abilities.

Students can use Achieve 3000 at home.  The more they use it, the greater their reading gains.  You can also sign up for the Achieve 3000 Home Edition.  To receive your parent login security code, simply post below your name, your student(s) names and the school(s) attended.  You can also e-mail me this request at

Enter the My Big Campus bundle to view the Student Guide to Achieve 3000.

Elementary Reading Resources

Montezuma Elementary Summer Reading Fun Challenge– Post the titles and some thoughts about each book you read this summer.  The student with the most titles posted by August 14 will win a book prize pack!

Note – students will have to login to My Big Campus to post.  Their login is the usual username (such as porterr) and their password (student number).  Please contact Mrs. Porter if you have any problems or question.


iPad/iPod/iPhone Apps

Helpful Documents & Handouts for Parents

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